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A Jockey’s Christmas is upon us and other news!

It’s that time of year again! A Jockey’s Christmas is upon us. Doesn’t everybody need an overweight alcoholic jockey (with a minor gambling problem) to come home with them for the holidays? Remember any book you buy from Willy he’ll personalize and we’ll throw in a bunch of extra gifts including of course JD, the world’s greatest overweight alky non-winning jockey. We still have a handful of hardback first edition Don’t Skip Out On Me so get them while you can.

For those of you who are Delines fans the band is excited to announce they have a new album coming out in January called THE IMPERIAL. They couldn’t be prouder of it and to have Amy Boone back and singing. We’re giving away Eddie and Polly from the upcoming record.Click here to hear it.

Check out the events section to see 2019 tour dates for both literary and musical events. Happy holidays…..


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