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Ireland and the Don’t Skip Book Special

Willy will be heading to Ireland this week to attend the Dalkey Book Festival. He’ll be doing three events even one on Trump with Sebastian Junger and Katherine Boo. Man oh man. For those of you who are RF fans, Willy will be playing a set on Saturday night of the festival with pedal steel wizard David Murphy.

For those of you who have ordered the DON’T SKIP OUT ON ME special. Our sincere apologies. We received way more orders than we had books! Thank you. The bad news is we’ve had to re-order and we’ll have to wait until Willy gets back from tour to sign them. So there will be a week delay getting your books shipped. SORRY!!

Thanks again to everyone who’s come out to support Willy and the new book and the movie Lean on Pete. More events to come…..


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