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More year-end accolades for Northline

More reasons for Willy to not feel like a loser… The Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s book critic John Marshall gave Northline the #2 slot in his 10 Best Books Read in 2008 (right behind Out Stealing Horses–not too shabby), calling Willy “a master of raw, realistic dialogue”. And The Willamette Week picked the Northline soundtrack as one of its Five Local Albums We Love, saying “…the record grabs you by the gut and pulls you into its pages… This one stays with you.” The Mercury chimed in with a last-minute “best of” list, too, with perhaps the cheekiest quote of all: “If you haven’t yet read… Willy Vlautin, I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.” From overseas… John Burnside of the Sunday Herald calls Northline “perhaps the most moving novel of the year.” The Irish Independent also includes Northline in its best of 2008, calling the novel and soundtrack “quality through and through”. Right on.


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