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Willy and The Delines are proud to announce that the soundtrack to THE NIGHT ALWAYS COMES will be released on vinyl for record store day April 22, 2023. This is a limited edition on silver vinyl. The cover photo is by Missy Prince and our great pal and graphic guru, Aaron Draplin, designed it. Here's what Willy says about the soundtrack......

When we started work on our record The Sea Drift, Cory Gray, our keyboardist/trumpeter, came in with an instrumental ballad that just floored me. Hearing it that first time I couldn’t help but think of Lynette, the main character in The Night Always Comes. It was like he’d written the song especially for her. I remember as soon as he finished playing it, I asked him what he’d named it and he said he hadn’t and told me I could. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that he let me name the song for her, that she finally had her own song. The version here is called Lynette.

The novel The Night Always Comes is set at such a panicked, desperate pace that initially it didn’t feel like music to me. But after hearing Cory’s song, the music to The Night Always Comes began showing up in my head, late night and lonely, like Lynette driving around in the rain in a failing car. I wrote some songs and Cory wrote some and after prodding by Rough Trade Records, The Delines decided to record the soundtrack.

Included on the record are two tracks sung by Amy. The first is a cover of Broken Heart by Spiritualized. Every few years I get obsessed with Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space, and that happened while I was working on the novel. It’s Broken Heart’s sonic dreamscape blanketing a heartbreaking soul tune that made me think of Lynette. It became her song as well. The second, Don’t Think Less of Me, I wrote for when Lynette comes to the realization that she has become haunted by her hometown of Portland, Oregon. Amy sure delivered on both.

I can’t thank producer John Askew enough. You couldn’t ask for a better pal or producer. I’d also like to thank The Delines for always taking chances and going along with making this record. I hope you like it as much as we do.

Willy Vlautin Portland, Oregon


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