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We Used to Think…

Sorry we haven’t posted any news lately. We’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Two good reasons to check out the new Minus 5 record Killingsworth: first of all, it’s a great record and secondly, Willy co-wrote the lyrics to the song “Big Beat Up Moon” with legendary musician and all-around cool guy Scott McCaughey. Click here for more info.

Willy and the Fontaine boys have just completed their new CD We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River. The album will be released in late August in the UK and in the fall in the US and Europe. Tour dates to come. The nice folks at Trash Aesthetics are putting out a 7-inch of “You Can Move Back Here” from the new album plus an exclusive song “Now You Know It Too”. The 7-inch is a cool package, featuring a screen-printed, hand colored cover and a great short-short story from Willy.

Another cool tidbit: Willy is one of three writers selected by the BBC to write a short story based on a Tom Waits song. Willy’s story is called Muriel and it will be read on BBC radio later this summer. Details to come.

And finally, Willy’s third novel Lean On Pete is complete and headed for the presses in the US and UK. Release dates are set for winter 2010. This is a good one, folks… some are saying it’s his best yet.

Stay tuned for details on release dates, gigs, readings, etc. Cheers


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